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Tips for expansion of perception possibilities: Part 1

Tips for expansion of perception possibilities: Part 1
November 21, 2008 • Filed under Become an Multimedia EBook
Posted by: Tom MC.ARK, Eveda`s Senior Editor

This is the first post in a five-part series about how expansion of perception possibilities.
To really succeed as a Multimedia EBook User, you need to get as much audio-visual information as it becomes for example at a film, that your perception has made a certain image, as possible. Because the mental channel of perception is realized on the basis of a call of emotional reactions.
Only after book perusal on which the film has been shot, or on the contrary, realization of all possibilities of perception is possible.
Tip 1: Advertise
To further increase perception possibilities of creative product, a publisher provides a means by which can purchase ad space in many Marketplaces, highlighting your product to hundreds of thousands of affiliates or News portals.
Now it is superfluous!
To each series of Multimedia Editions, free and freely extended release – Multimedia Introduction is created.
Multimedia Introduction collects a maximum quantity and quality of the accessible content about the subsequent series of editions, prepares the user for immersing in the world of literary work.

For example:

Perfect Woman – Multimedia Introduction for

Sensation of the woman by Georgy Stenkin

And then – advertising is not required. It is not necessary to impose to the user available typical images of consumption. The user is free in a choice of own opinion and the admission to perception.
Good luck, and thank you for choosing Eveda`s!


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