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A creative, whether?

Wretchedness and simultaneously ‐ the huge potential of contemporary electronic creation, they forced
to think about the reasons for those breaking its development and about ecology of technologies.
Of us to characteristically transfer the signs of old, customary, studied and intelligible to all new, not
known, independent and nonstandard. Five hundred years of the history of printing and book reading,
thousand years of depictive skill and musical creation, could not but put their imprint on the nascent
new form of skill, the form ‐ creation, the form ‐ perception.
Electronic creation. E‐Art. Virtual‐Art. Digital‐Art. Let us visualize ‐ the saying book… Yes. They will say
many: “Well and that?
Usual MP3 book. There are already and radio shows, and records of theatrical productions, and usual
artistic reading” It is agreeable.
But… Contemporary technologies bear to us completely different possibilities of that, in order to the
book: “to us it addressed”. Any author attempts to present his thoughts and emotions in such manner
so as to be understood, feel deep lied, heard ‐ finally. For example ‐ usual “thanks” in the different
languages it sounds differently, in the different cultures ‐ it has its semantic nuances and is used, not
always under one and the same conditions.
But what already to speak about the sensations from the scolded love in the troubles of distorted reality
with the criminal‐ political undercurrent? How? Problem is complicated? And these are ‐ only lingual
differences. But if we take and to add still and difference in the mentality, difference in the training, a
way of life, the welfare, the religion…
Will come out ‐ the practically impracticable task. This ‐ it is presented well to the friend, with whom you
are seen practically each day and whom “in the course” of almost all your vital events. It in the brain ‐
has certain means you, with your priorities, by lexical reserve, by the level of intellect, by temperament
and by the spectrum of interests. It ‐ in principle, can understand, you to it interpret about that.
But meet the old friend, whom it did not see the pair of years and try with it to meet in the same
manner, as with previous… It will not leave…
Or ‐ come running to increased detailed, increased picturesqueness…
Or ‐ use improvised means. Of photographs, video, conduct ‐ according to the places of combat glory,
hover to the week in the general company. If it actually wishes so that the man you would understand,
he was penetrated, felt your life. Approximately in the same situation occur the contemporary authors
of artistic prose.
‐ Not at all I speak about the poets. It remained only ancestral land ‐ “elite from the elites”. Associates
on the shop, the romanticized natures, true judges, intellectuals, emotional young people and other
But prosiest, from the skin there climb in order to adapt its account to the mid indices of the ability to
receive skill. Detectives, humor, erotic, sensation…
Journalisming and newspapering. Go into the foot with the needs. They enticed attention ‐ even we
shove, we shove, although the grain of the fact that so is desirable to report…
But indeed still and money it is necessary to earn. Eat‐ that wants always and all. Sizif ‐ rests, as
contemporary young people would say. Accurately also ‐ as in the above‐mentioned history with the
friend. If media outlets ‐ for us drew the means “of the friend”, about whom we know almost all.
Well, to us thus they said ‐ that we know “almost all” about this friend. If advertisement ‐ imposed on us
the picture, which is easily mastered by our organism, our organs of perception. If ‐ the sym‐called
“public opinion”, which in particular ‐ the remarks of friends and familiar, treat to us “already that
mastered”, chewed, without their own opinion and understanding.
The not remains of the selection: ‐ Yes. This “friend”, whom read million ‐ it is actually brilliant. It is
possible, no ‐ it is necessary, it is compulsory to read it.
But then ‐ in order to hold at the high level conceit and the conquered authority, we find hundreds of
clever words and we treat that read, precisely, so ‐ as and were planned marketing, which prepared
advertising company for this book. It is not necessary to consider.
It is not necessary to feel. It is not necessary to compose its opinion. Do not load your brain. Best‐seller!
“The herd of rams they did not see?”
“A you that, remained?” Because of what? Because of the absence of other means of the attraction of
the soul of the reader. When instinctive passions work well, then tendency toward the excellent and the
glad, it is suppressed, moves aside into “distant angle”. After the uselessness, non‐priority.
But here, our reader into the forest visited, and heard a whisper of trees, folk song of birds, fable of wild
beasts, nightingale poems. It saw ‐ the colors of autumn, the mysteriousness of semitones in the bushes,
the blinding melancholy of sunset, the directness of fly agarics’.
Perceived the roughness huckstering with the question mark of birch twig…
And like ‐ something stirred inside. Began to be cleaned chakra`s, to be opened supporting framework,
to fall curtains, dust sym‐sieve’ of the deposit of noodles on the ears…
Here where the concealed reserves. Double‐edged sword for dealing with the lack of spirituality.
And creation into the masses, and to masses ‐ creation. Contact is fixed. It is possible ‐ to collaborate.
And here ‐ as if features from the snuff‐box, it jumps out to the gladiatorial arena ‐ electronic creation.
Gladiator. In armor from the photographs, the figures and other works of the depictive skill (“he saw” ‐
you remember?). With the desperado and victorious cry of qualitative Stereo‐song, under the roar of
platforms and fanfare (“it heard” ‐ you remember?).
Entire such real, perceptible and capable of chopping, thus by double‐edged sword ‐ all enemies.
Grayness, boredom, solitude, laziness, depression, peacockery.
And to rush to the solution of the following vital problems, for the achievement of the objective, for the
plans and the achievements…
Ugh! But why? Why we this do not use?


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  1. Skop May 26, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Yes! Make! COOL!

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