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How to create Multimedia book?

Part 2.
Advanced achievements virtualization and online-information allow expanding possibilities of the ordinary paper book repeatedly. The word of the author, an illustration, magic flipping pages and aroma of a paper allow creating effect of presence “in” the book. In a narration and the world created by the author. In his imagination and thoughts.
But …
And how – sounds?
And how – interactivity?
And how – variety of forms of the visual information?
And how – game elements?
And how – dynamics and a rhythm?
It to us is necessary for imagining. To open horizons of the imagination.
And, maybe, in it also there is a charm of the usual paper book which already almost one thousand years draws to itself readers.
But the new world, the new speeds, the new technical devices, new possibilities of a global network?
Why such powerful industry of processing and information display remains inactive to development of a printing word?
The documentary data, the business information, news and entertainments – already use multimedia content in the purposes. To tell, convince, show, impose, and create public opinion …
Means – works!
Effectively influences consciousness!
And that – with the Culture? And that – with the Art?
The literature, poetry, theatre, painting, music and art photo?
Why they do not use new possibilities, leaving the force, increasing greatly the influence?
The answer very simple!

Simply enough to combine a photo of the politician with the text of his statement, or – to reproduce audio- video- record, and the effect of multimedia of perception is reached.
Simply enough to photograph sexual object and to add to him music underneath from charts and the effect of multimedia of perception is reached.
Simply enough animating a heroic image and to accompany his actions by dirty curses, and effect of multimedia of perception will reach.
Simply enough to download thematic pictures and having picked up to them music corresponding to mood, to create an effective emotional collage, and effect of multimedia of perception will reach.
Mentioning peripheral sites of our perception of art we already we achieve necessary result in affairs. But, the requirement in biggest – remains.
And, possibility – exists.
It is necessary to realize that process of creation of multimedia of works of art is a process creative.
It is a new kind of creativity! A new art form!
In which, also as well as in other art forms – the talent, experience, skill and diligence are necessary. Techniques are necessary. The strategy verified by numerous experiments.
Skills and ability.
Cardinally other approach and a sight at concepts of this kind of creativity are necessary.

Be continued…
George Stenkin

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