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Multimedia Psy-Test. Can I Love?

Multimedia Ebook intrudes into the territory of psychological tests.
PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 18, 2009 – Can I Love?
Multimedia Ebook intrudes into the territory of psychological tests.
World Wide Web (www.eveda.org) March 18, 2009 — The first online publication of new series Multimedia EBook (Eveda).

Psychologist, psychotherapist and patient. One – use of metaphors to present their techniques, the other – will recognize his senses.
The unique combination of literary metaphors in the framing of subject means and reverberating music makes it possible to more completely form reality.
The train of mini-stories immerses the reader in judgment of own model of behavior.
Admitting in itself an action, a reader gets the natural response of consciousness and sub consciousness. The same – objective opinion is formed of testing theme.
Advices – remained in the past. Practical employments and seminars – too borings and long.
Playing along with the existing characters in simulated situations, each has its position. Without coercion, and directions – in the right direction.

Someone dreams that loved him, and someone wishes to love.
Love – great feeling! Whether all are capable to love? Can be because of many failures, someone has despaired and has lost faith in ability to love? And there can be someone is not able to love?
How to answer all these questions?
How independently to answer all these questions?

Multimedia EBook provides excellent opportunities for such activities. Piling effect of the psychotherapist words with the modeled situations and imagining their actions, a simple download from the internet, you can learn about several types of behavioral reactions. Example themselves by participating in the process, there is a feeling experience. Experience, which does not create problems, but demonstrates the possible variants of events development.

EBook Trailer – video HD




4 responses to “Multimedia Psy-Test. Can I Love?

  1. eveda March 19, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    a free variant of this ebook will not be.

  2. creatblat March 20, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Preview is Cool! Now the crisis! Who will buy these e-books? i’d bought. Only 3 euros. But as too avant-garde. Media in the book?

  3. eveda March 20, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Download and try some free multimedia EBook!

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