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Angelina Jolie has refused to “voice…

Angelina Jolie has refused to “voice of the main character” in the First full-format Multimedia EBook “Divine Soul”.

For_Immediate_Release: Germany (Press Release) May 1, 2009 — Voice of the protagonist (the writer and the traveler) becomes Tom Hanks, and his female partner (a corporal embodiment of soul of the protagonist) – Meg Ryan. Their duets on films “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail”, more all correspond to mutual relations of the person and his soul. Action occurs in our world, now. The writer persistently tries to understand an essence of the soul. And inspired by such eagerness, his soul is to it in the form of its loved wife, informing that soul of his wife – a related soul him and consequently it has accepted such shape. The writer with enthusiasm comprehends a true essence of the nature, the Divine, mutual relations between people and the purposes of a human life. Does not manage and without adventures, without terrible revelations and incidents. Shootings on location of a photo and video data will pass in Luxembourg, and also in Burma, Russia, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

Who will be the composer, yet clearly as work on the scenario yet has not ended. The main artist, studio Flash animation and programming, and also art edition, become known within the next few days. The main producer constantly carries on negotiations with investors and the budget sum raises according to quantity of these negotiations.


The book is planned to let out in three languages: English, German and Russian. A casting in Germany is declared. Russian version will sound (voice of the protagonist and his female partner) Konstantin Chabenski, Elizaveta Boyarskaya (Admiral, The Irony of Fate 2).  

What from this it will turn out? Let’s see in November.

Term of the publication of the EBook is appointed to autumn on the Internet. Some EBook Trailers prepare.

Traditionally, there will be no advertising, except video on popular resources and free promo-booklet in an easy approach.

There will be a version for HD devices, for usual PC and for mobile communicators. Realization is planned through usual partners of Eveda.org. Basic ignoring of global dealers by electronic books (Amazon and other) will allow to sustain cost convenient for the buyer and to keep a unique format of Multimedia EBook.

On the free Internet – free Art!

On a report from press-service www.Eveda.org


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