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Multimedia eBook (eVeda) – eBOOK with multimedia Content

Digital edition or EBook, or e-library?

Let’s try to classify a Multimedia Ebook.

Digital edition

Wikipedia informs:
A digital edition is an online magazine or online newspaper delivered in electronic form which is formatted identically to the print version. (1)

This definition – is not necessary.
These are those e-books which now actively are on sale for existing e-readers:

  • Bookeen
  • News Corp
  • Kindle
  • Kindle DX
  • Rocket eBook
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cool-er
  • Bookeen Cybook Opus
  • Sony Reader
  • Palm
  • online readers
  • and andr.

Will be correct to name all these editions – Digital Edition of paper books.
For Multimedia EBook is it is not necessary. In each concrete edition the maintenance is created in the digital way. No paper sources are copied and do not change.


Wikipedia informs:

An e-book (short for electronic book, also written eBook or ebook) is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, often protected with a digital rights management system. E-books are usually read on personal computers or smart phones, or on dedicated hardware devices known as e-book readers or e-book devices. Many mobile phones can also be used to read e-books.[2]

Comparison of e-book formats:

1 Plain text files
2 Hypertext Markup Language
3 Amazon Kindle (AZW) Format
4 Open Electronic Book Package Format
5 TomeRaider
6 Arghos Diffusion
7 Flip Books
8 NISO Z39.86 Format
9 FictionBook
10 Text Encoding Initiative
11 Plucker
12 CHM Format
13 Portable Document Format (PDF)
14 PostScript
15 DjVu
16 Microsoft LIT
17 eReader (formerly Palm Digital Media/Peanut Press)
18 Desktop Author
19 DNL Reader
20 Newton eBook
22 iPod Notes
23 Libris
24 Mobipocket
26 Broadband eBooks
27 SSReader
28 Multimedia Books

But now, all these formats try to squeeze in the device for reading (e-readers).
And in our opinion, it again – not the Ebook. Electronic portable library. E-library.
Online, mobile, portable. But – e-library. Not EBook.

It turns out that today in the market there are no present Ebooks.

  • Digital copies of paper books (Digital Edition)
  • Electronic documents (E-Doc)
  • Electronic libraries (e-library)
  • Devices for reproduction of electronic libraries (e-reader)

    Giving all it the FlipPage  or 3d-pages publishers think that create the book.

It is a mutant!
Not the best mutant!
The ugly creature!

Only developing electronic creativity and the network edition of the literature we can receive the realy EBooks.
Multimedia EBook are in the initial condition. There are more many possibilities for experiments.

But very much it would not be desirable, that readers perceived that that submit it in the form of Ebooks – for Ebooks.



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