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Sales of EBooks – the next soap bubble or revolution?

Certainly, manufacturers and sellers of devices for reading of Ebooks speak what to buy and read electronic books it is good and convenient. That it is possible to have the whole library of Ebooks, that it is possible to download Ebooks from the Internet in one device. That it is possible to read the Ebook in any place and in any conditions. What to read the Ebook it is prestigious and it is useful.
Such sensation that all was earlier differently!
And what has changed?

Scanned available paper books, have translated them in new mobile formats and have begun an advertising campaign!

And it is more than anything!
Books and so are on sale at every turn. Now also on the Internet it too became fashionable. And favourable!

It is not favourable to create new Ebooks, with the new and modern Content. It is favourable to sell digital copies of paper books. As it is much already sold computers, mobile devices and now sell new devices for reading of Ebooks.
Because the main source of the income on the Internet are new users. Not skilled and capable to be surprised to miracles of technologies. On them and prepared new hobby for electronic books.

Those who has already mastered the Internet, at those already are the libraries and the priorities in reading, the strategy in information consumption.
But the profit is necessary to sellers! And now – crisis!

It is necessary to tell to beginners as it is beautiful and convenient – to buy the new device for reading of Ebooks, to buy a digital copy of the book, and to enjoy this possession.

Thereby, assiduous manufacturers and sellers of new devices for reading of Ebooks push away readers from the new literature. From the present and interesting network literature.
Which it is possible not only to read, but also to listen. To hear music in the book, to see set of images and to participate in occurring events. To discuss in social networks the opinion and to alter a plot. To receive impressions on all possible levels of perception.

It is the modern electronic book. Multimedia Ebook.

Instead of that manufacturers and sellers of modern devices for reading of Ebooks suggest to buy.
Do not give in on a deceit!
Do not allow to mislead itself!
The Internet – huge space for free creativity. And always it is possible to find in it interesting to itself. If not to trust those who wishes to sell to you new model of a stone axe.


One response to “Sales of EBooks – the next soap bubble or revolution?

  1. Skop May 26, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Soap Bubble – realy!

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