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Multimedia eBook (eVeda) – eBOOK with multimedia Content

New e-reader for Multimedia EBooks.

Organisation Eveda which makes and publishes Multimedia EBook, has own e-reader for multimedia EBooks based on Adobe Flash technology. Accessible to each Internet user. For example

Existing leaders in e-reader manufacture for Ebooks do not use possibility of Multimedia EBooks.
Only Multimedia EBooks allow to lift book level on height more corresponding to expectations of modern readers. All that involves spectators in entertainment cinema, vanguard theatre, users in social networks, blogs and entertaining portals, readers in the new creative literature, listeners in qualitative music, PC-gamers in the fascinating games, all it is in Multimedia EBook.

For this reason Eveda.org has suggested corporations to invest means and possibilities in introduction flash components in existing and developed e-reader devices.

The future of EBook behind multi-perception.
Multimedia in the Ebook will be transferred by all variety of emotions, thoughts and sensations for high-grade imagination.

The American and European Multimedia corporation have crisis times. They aspire to correct the position for the account of sale black-and-white and mute e-readers digital editions of usual paper books.

Therefore huge interest is shown by the Russian, Chinese and Indian investors. Applications are developed for mobile devices and system of maintenance of copyrights.

We hope that shortly expectations of readers are realised in the simple and effective decision.

By estimations of experts of Multimedia EBook has tenfold advantage on impression, in comparison with the paper book and the usual e-book, and triple reduction of cost.

Is to what to prepare and what to expect!


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