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Multimedia eBook (eVeda) – eBOOK with multimedia Content

The market is ready for the real EBooks?

EBook – is Not the digital editions of paper books.

Many name the EBook – the electronic device for digital texts reading (ereader).
The others – name the EBook digital edition of the usual paper book.

But actually!
Electronic book is created without participation of a paper. In a network today are available more than 100 various formats of such EBooks. Some thousand authors write electronic books. Some tens electronic publishing houses publish electronic books.
The majority of these EBooks have the business or informative Content. Only units (it is no more 15) all over the world, it is created electronic books with the fiction Content. These are those EBooks which have the confirmed copyrights and all necessary registration of officially published book.
Well and the others 1,5 – 3 million stories placed in a network have a character of free distribution.
Being in expectation of maturing of the market.

What now occurs?
The author creates the product in a digital form. Only the big odd fellows use typewriters or write a pencil.
The publishing house – decodes the digital text on a paper. Cost of this procedure makes 60 % from a book wholesale price.
Sellers – using the Internet in the marketing actions again decode the book in a digital format.
But sell, all the same the paper book. Cost of this procedure makes 80 % from a book retail price.

More than 40 % of the existing market of paper books today the market of electronic books already can replace. And every month there is an increase at 2 %. There is a tendency that next year the monthly gain will make already 10 %.

And no war between paper and electronic books will exist!
The released means from the become empty market of paper books will allow to reduce circulations and to reduce book cost. And it also is necessary for fans of paper books.

If ereaders manufacturers do not replace a paper cover of the book with an electronic cover in the form of the electronic device for reading of books availability of the electronic book will be such that everyone can afford it at which there is a computer or any device with display. And it also is necessary for fans of electronic books.

And a main point!
EBook contents.

  • Already there are authors who are capable to create EBooks with multimedia contents. Original Symbiosis the scenario for a film, the usual text, music and gallery of images.
  • Already there are technologies which allow combining multimedia content in a product convenient for perception.
  • Already there are publishing houses which publish EBooks with multimedia contents.

Multimedia EBook already is present in the market.

Whether the market is ready to the present electronic books?


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