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Bradley Inman`s Vook. Mook. Sook. *ook

"Vook is the most ambitious of the startups, with its plan to help authors tell stories using text, video vignettes and social-networking tools that would be accessible online, on multiple e-Readers, and via mobile phones." by Tameka Kee, paidContent.org "Bradley Inman wants to create great fiction, dramatic online video and compelling Twitter stream — and then roll them all into a multimedia hybrid that is tailored to the rapidly growing number of digital reading devices." By BRAD STONE NYTimes.com Multimedia EBook Also there will come Multimedia Epoch Help authors! Certainly! All would like to repeat success of comics. When have combined only two ways of a statement. A picture and the text. Anything at it will not turn out! The illustrated texts – already exist. Pictures with music – have a wide circulation. Dialogue in social networks – types rates. All planet record a video and has a good time viewing of the peeped. Imagine that the film acts in film without Director. Actors play under the scenario, the operator records something, music sounds, scenery vary… And spectators? Where spectators? Ah, yes. Spectators online (from social networks) discuss errors and ridiculous oversights, compelling all to change the actions every second. What will turn out? Correctly – vook! Multimedia EBook can turn out only on the basis of a literary work, novell, stories, short story. To add media for perception improvement too it is necessary creatively. Ideals is different. Artificial art is a theatre of absurdity! Multimedia EBook already are! They exist and develop. Soon there will be full-format multimedia EBook. With live voices of actors, real photos and video shootings, a qualitative sound, interactivity and fascination online computer game. As have informed from laboratory Eveda.org, even in the conditions of crisis there are investors and enthusiasts. It is necessary to wait only. Vook? Mook? Sook? *ook? Or – Multimedia EBook?

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