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Lora tells

Lora tells

Eveda.org has begun new campaign of advancement of the Multimedia EBooks.
Is called it: Lora tells…

Technically it represents a web serial from miniseries in which the virtual character (LORA) tells about that or about this.
Animation and original mimicry of the girl, special effects and virtual reality, create very attractive image.

The first release (HD video) is devoted Sex.
As, Lora speaks:
– The publishing of electronic books now reminds sex. Input / output devices a bit (one, I might two, three) and possibilities as at the KamaSutra.
Original comparison!

Second issue (HD video) devoted to pornography.
Since the first release from Lora a lot of fans, they are asked to show the elements of the body. And not limited to the image of a person. They understand the possible. …
Lora shows little.
But this compares with a demonstration of pornography. When everything is bought with money.
But in multimedia EBooks you should always look for the buttons as they are elements of an interactive content management. It also has an erotic tinge to Lora. On a body of the woman too it is necessary to search for buttons.

Let’s see what happens next.


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