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Next-Gen EBook. Kindle is late.

What the general between the woman and the Next-Gen EBook? Both those and at others – have buttons! Just as the woman has buttons, by pressing on which there are certain reactions (for example erogenous), and the Next-Gen EBook should have buttons which change the content or online include additional stimulators of imagination. LORA tells… LORA-VIDEO-SM In the Next-Gen Ebook – music, voices of characters, nature sounds can sound. Images not only illustrate events, but also offer different variants for imagination. It is a lot of variants. Video and animation inform on dynamics of processes, deepen perception. Online sources allow to receive the help information. Social networks create imitation of conversation, dialogue on a book theme. All is buttons! Last version of Kindle is similar to the frigid woman. Electronic pin-up. To look and nothing to make. Satisfaction for incapable of action. It is necessary to wait only when manufacturers of e-readers will start to think of readers instead of about an ornament of the devices. The clothes give to the woman appeal and individuality. But the clothes are then thrown off. Let’s wait! Next-Gen EBook (Multimedia EBook) wait!

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