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Literary multimedia serial – DIVINE SOUL – on motives of a series of Georgy Stenkin stories

(Russian Edition and Google online Translate)
Divine Soul Divine Soul.
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On the Soul says a lot.

When any religion says about God, that separates him from the Soul. Although the characteristics and manifestations in our lives – they are very similar. I do not need to artificially find these similarities. Do not try to kill religion. Discredit God. Exalt the soul.

This is unnecessary.

Everyone is entitled to his sense and understanding of these Entities.

But if God, worship, worship, description, explanation, advocacy, involvement, belief …

Devoted to the millions of works in this world. Thousands of years of history. Heroism and murder. Churches and sects. Loyalty and atheism. Belief and confrontation. Money and altruism. And much, much more …

That soul.

Alas. Practically nothing.

It’s time to introduce the world to “the Gospel of Soul,” where she tells about her Essense.

Some call it the “killer of religions”, someone – “The newest Testament. Pseudoscientific nonsense. Pro-religious fable.

And all will be right. His point of view, each chooses.

We simply state the views of the soul itself.

Divine Soul.

And we, with the “primary source”, finally to answer the main question.

At that all the religions of the world meet evasive and vague.

Why does God allow misery going on in the world?


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