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Multimedia eBook (eVeda) – eBOOK with multimedia Content

Online EBook. Online Multimedia EBook

Online reading of electronic books

There are many variants online reading of e-books. We will tell about most “advanced”

Google Books
The convenient interface, high quality, preservation of copyrights, dynamic references, possibility of the limited viewing and purchase. The minimum investments of expenditures of labour on as much as possible convenient (for free service) result.

A little brakes, when it is loaded, but has many possibilities for multimedia content.

The excellent interface. A fast cursor. Pre-viewing and sale possibilities. A wide network of distribution.

The most easy-to-work variant.

Well and at last!
Multimedia EBooks!

eveda`s Multimedia online EBook
Greatest possible for today a combination of the text, images, music, interactivities, design and functionality.

And manufacturers electronic читалок, such as Apple, Penguin, etc. – develop the variants online of e-books.
Be online!


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