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Multimedia eBook (eVeda) – eBOOK with multimedia Content

eVeda – New symbiosis Google-search inside the Multimedia eBook

In the creative laboratory publisher of multimedia books Eveda.org created the concept of multimedia ebooks with playback capability found Google online resources. Inside story of the book. Thus – the maximal effect of feeling all the available online tools display the contents of the book.

Text is the basis for finding a free appropriate multimedia content to accompany and illustrate the narrative.

If the text reads: – sounds sweet melody, then there are several options for playing a melody.
If it is said: – sunset dazzled eyes, appears similar to sensations picture, or video.

There are two forms of reproduction for founded media-information. Automatic and manual. Also – you can adjust the intensity of search on their own level of the imagination.

Eveda.org suggests that this form of publishing eBooks will be very well received by publishers of fiction and readers.

A eVeda.org has come up with a new kind of reading experience – a “eVeda”. After 2 years of research and experimentation’s promoting a new digital multimedia format for reading – an eBook with thematic content found online that is filled with accompanying information that readers can click on if they want more details.

Three modes of play found multimedia content. Auto, manual and intellectual.

In manual mode, the user controls the playback to apply multimedia content to text. Music, picture, video, blogs, and etc.

In automatic mode, the eBook itself determines which sounds, images and online resources to use to increase the perception of the eBook contents.

In Intellectual mode – the user in conjunction with the eBook becomes a “gamer” maneuvers in the book strategy.

A huge number of free and online media-resources available allow the use of audio, visual and mental perception feeds of reality created by the book.

“It is time to create literary works that use the wealth of multimedia content” said author Georgy Stenkin, which already creates books with multimedia content.

According to the developers, automatic and manual version of the eVeda will be free, because they use free online content. A value of intellectual versions of eVeda will vary from content creation options. If the actors of cinema will create roles for multimedia eBooks, the price of the book will depend on their fees :))

In any case, opening up new horizons for creativity. Compilation of literary texts with music, images, interactivity.
And it’s very interesting!

First promo video with the demonstration of the eVeda, which she (eBook) finds a multimedia content…


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