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German books will now be at 3 € cheaper!!!

(Translated from German by Google-translator)
A great gift for Christmas and New Year have made a few publishing houses from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, on the initiative of electronic publishing Eveda.org.
To sell books to book-selling market in Germany, each publisher must pay 3-3,5 € for the book monopoly registrar – MVB Marketing-und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels GmbH.
Only then, published a book may appear in the general public bookselling networks. Such as buch.de, buchhandel.de, libreka.de, quoka.de, buecher.de and others.
Therefore, the average price of the book, which was published in Germany, almost similar to the above prices for 3 €, the rest of the world.

After the establishment of contractual relations with the U.S. automated publishing any publisher in Germany can now publish and sell books in the global bookselling systems. Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Sony, Kobo, Apple and many others.
From 20 to 120 million viewers (outside Germany) and about 40 million – in Germany who would like to read books in German, will now be able to do so without filling his pockets with the German officials.
In addition to the undoubted impairment of books, there are some very positive points in this process.
Sharply reduced use of resources. There is no need to print large circulations and deliver them to stores throughout the country.
By order of the buyer automated printing of any print edition (from 1 copy) and make its delivery anywhere in the world for 3-5 days. Moreover, the cost of delivery is lower than the cost of normal delivery in Germany.
Each paper book buyer can buy more, and a digital copy that you can instantly download and use on portable devices for reading.
Finally, and Germany joined in the process of new technologies in publishing.

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