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Multimedia eBook (eVeda) – eBOOK with multimedia Content

About Multimedia EBook.

Multimedia EBook is an open Adobe Flash-based e-book format.
A Multimedia EBook is media (communication) |media and book content (media and publishing) |content that utilizes a combination of different book content format/content forms. The term can be used as a noun (a medium with multiple content forms) or as an adjective describing a medium as having multiple content forms. The term is used in contrast to media which only utilize traditional forms of printed or text book. Multimedia EBook includes a combination of Writing/text, Sound/audio, image/still images, animation, Footage/video, and interactivity content forms.

Multimedia EBook used for creation on the basis of a literary fiction book, addition of the audio-visual and interactive contents, the new form of creativity. The user (the former reader) has an opportunity to participate in events occurring to characters, to feel influence of a musical part of a narration and graphic part.

The perception of several media forms of contents considerably expands depth of transfer power of art and creativity.

Currently, configuration of several forms of media is possible only on the basis of technology Adobe Flash.
The technique Flip Book is applied to preservation sequences statements of the traditional book.
There are some variants of Multimedia EBook.
* Online Multimedia EBook.
This kind of multimedia eBook applies resources accessible online which are in an easy approach and do not require downloading on the computer. Usually are dynamic compositions on the basis of poetry and photos. Music is sometimes used. Often such books are transformed to video for viewing on popular portals of free video. Mainly, such eBooks have the status of free eBooks’.

* Downloaded Multimedia EBook.
This kind of multimedia eBook consists of a literary work (more often – the short story or Novel), specially music written and a large quantity of images. This book is necessary for downloading and installing on the computer as the library of files used by the book has author’s protection and great volume.
Some books of this group have multilingual editions. The majority – allows to “play” in a role of operating characters. As all action occurs in an interactive mode.
Modeling of characters of the book and compilation in multimedia form occurs in studio, in completely digital format. Animation on photographic and drawn objects and scoring also is a product of computer processing. From for brevity, under requirements of average user possibility to downloading, this kind of multimedia eBooks’ is published in the form of serials. With files updating established on the computer with occurrence in a network of following serial releases. Versions for mobile communicators and electronic books reading devices exist, but have restrictions on a form and content for possibilities of these devices.
For acquaintance of users to each book is issued by video trailer (EBook Trailer).

* Full-format Multimedia EBook.
The given kind of multimedia eBook uses the scenario, natural photos and video shootings, actor’s scoring of the dialogues, full music underneath, a Multilanguage statement, a choice from several variants of succession of events (on behalf of different characters or depending on a situation), the maximum interactivity with online resources and information support.
Full-format Multimedia EBook is issued in HD versions, versions for standard PC, and in the version for mobile communicators which support on mobile versions Adobe Flash.
Other parameters of this kind of the Multimedia EBook have all possibilities Online Multimedia EBook and Downloaded Multimedia EBook.
Published on DVD.

The Last published Multimedia EBook:

Sensation of the Woman
Venus Doom
Inelegant meeting
Can I Love?
Goethe. Faust. Gretchen.
100 gramme of Culture…
Divine Soul



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